Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Wattpad is where I'm now putting all my work. Here

It's Ridiculous - http://www.wattpad.com/story/1242080-it%27s-ridiculous
Blurb: The first time Taylor met Zoey, he was in a girls bathroom Fate isn't real...is it Tyler loses sight of a girl he was about to talk to and thats seems to be the end of it. But when he bumps into her again in the girls bathroom he's not so sure.... 

That's the main one that I'm working on now but here's a link to my wattpad profile and all my works are there. 


Love you all who read my stuff.

xoxo the Claudibird!

it's ridiculous (photos)

For my fellow wattpaders. These are pictures for "it's ridiculous" my story about a chance meeting between a boy and a girl. The chance meeting just happens to be in a girls bathroom at a shopping complex. 
Oo-er as Georgia Nicolson would say (great books by the way)
Oh I'm babbling nonsense. 

Here is the link to this story about a chance meeting. Enjoy!!!

This is Zoey with her hair up

And hair out. 

This is what's on Zoey's t-shirt when she see's Taylor at his soccer match (ch 3) 

Taylor's shirt (ch 4)

Jemima's cot is in the space under the lantern

And this is Jemima's room (each is a wall, at the corner they link up) and then Taylor's 

Sorry I'm a sucker for detail