Friday, June 29, 2012

Get to Work

I really need to knuckle down and finish that last chapter. It's getting on my nerves because I've got the next chapter all planned beautifully and then I come across a problem. I haven't finished the chapter before. It's so annoying because I started a little bit and accidentally created a hugely important plot point. Damnit writing is a chore sometimes. I think I shall brood while I try to daydream (yeah it doesn't make sense whatsoever but I brood about my stories while trying to daydream because it's when I daydream that I come up with the most brilliant ideas). But unfortunately it's nighttime here in (not so) wonderful Sydney so it'll just be regular dreaming. Or rather daydreaming at night but not normal dreams so I guess that makes it fantasising about whatever. God I make no sense. How wonderful am I? Claudia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TARDIS of my own creation

I know this is totally irrelevant but who the heck cares.

I made this in technology class and it rocks!!!!

yes. I made it myself. told I lacked creativity because I didn't think of an original design from my own brain. You don't get much more original than a TARDIS people. I mean someone did the Batman symbol. Pfft.

Claudibird xoxo

One in a Million

My Wattpad story is going really well (100+ reads and 6 new fans! Thanks everyone). It's name has changed though and it's now called "one in a million" because it's a term we use to describe chance/fate (whatever) and also how a guy might describe a girl ;). But that's for later. The picture is of Taylor's sister Celeste.

Read to find out what happened to her: - search with: one in a million (you may have to include Taylor's name in the search because there are millions of stories on Wattpad)

That's basically it. I don't have any other news about my story. For people coming to blog from Wattpad, sorry I haven't uploaded. Mid-year gets Über busy.